Residual Solvent Analyzer

YL Residual Solvent Analyzer

      Organic solvents are used during the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients and drug products and found in the inks used for the printing of packaging materials for foods If these solvents are remained and ingested, these are hazardous to human health. On the United States Pharmacopoeia <467>, the residual solvents are classified as “Organic volatile impurities(OVIs)” and regulates the concentration of toxic solvents contained in medicine. European Pharmacopoeia also describes “Identification and control of residual solvents”. Since the residual solvents on the food packing material can affect to human health, Korea Food and Drug Administration set the regulation standard. YL Residual Solvent Analyzer can accurately and efficiently detect and quantify residual solvents.

Residual Solvent < 6mg/m2 Toluene < 2mg/m2

Key features of Residual Solvent Analyzer

1) Easy sample preparation with headspace autosampler
2) No needs of extra heating module (installed oven inside.)
3) The system provides reproducible data and minimize analysis error in use with ISTD ( Internal Standard Method)
4) Monitoring of various residual solvents at one time .
5) YL Residual Solvent Analyzer includes all accessories and preparation system you need for analysis of residual solvents.

Analysis application

1. Residual materials among the extracted pigments from food.

2. Analysis of residuals among the food packing material

3. Analysis of residuals among the drugs

4. Analysis of standard material among general compounds

5. Analysis of general residuals

6. Analysis of residuals among the drugs(Direct injection)

7. Analysis of Methanol & Ethanol in a Chinese medicine

8. Analysis of residual solvents on Class 1

9. Analysis of residual solvents (Ethanol,2-Propanol,Dichloromethane) in raw material for drugs

10. Analysis of residual solvents on Class 2

11. Analysis of residual solvents (n-Hexane, Ethyl acetate, 2-Propanol, N,N-dimethylacetamide) in drugs

12. Analysis of general residual solvents (EA, Methanol, 2-Propanol, Toluene)

13. Analysis of general solvents (Dichloromethane, Ethylbenzene, Xylene) in Paints

14. Analysis of residual solvents in medicine (Acetone, Ethyl Acetate, Methanol)

15. Analysis of residual solvents in medicine (Chloromethane, Methanol, Ethanol)