Carbamate Analyzer

YL Carbamate Analyzer

       YL Carbamate Analyzer is a system for analysis of carbamate pesticides using post column derivatization method.
           The analysis of carbamate using post-column derivatization method offers qualitative and quantitative analysis results by automated sample preparation at the same time. It alternates the GC-ECD method and also analyzes 13 kinds of Carbamate pesticides not included in the 10 compounds specified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Method 531.1 and AOAC Protocol 29.A05.

Key features of YL Carbamate Analyzer

1) High sensitivity : detection limits of 0.1-0.5ng(or 0.2-1ppb levels for drinking water) can be routinely achieved.
2) Selectivity : only N-methylcarbamates and N-methyl carbamoyloximes plus components reactive to OPA under the specified conditions are detected.
3) Minimum sample preparation : drinking water can be directly injected into the system.
4) The analysis is easily automated with the addition of an autosampler.

Analysis application

1. Analysis of 10 kinds of Carbamate standard materials