YL9100 GPC System

     YL9100GPC(Gel Permeation Chromatography) System used for analysis of average molecular weight and molecular weight distribution for polymers, rubbers, plastics and synthetic fibers provides you with various information on physical properties of polymers. As small difference in average molecular weight or molecular weight can affect the physical properties of final polymer products considerably, flow accuracy of pump and stability of RI detector are considered of high importance. YL GPC System offers you high accurate and reproducible GPC analysis. With YL-Clarity GPC extension, you can process the data with ease and convenience.

System Configuration

- System Configuration
- YL9170 RI Detector or YL9180/9181 ELSD
- YL9130 Column Compartment
- 7725i Rheodyne Injector
- YL9101 Vacuum Degasser(optional)
- YL-Clarity GPC Software

System ConfigurationSTD & Sample Curve Graph
Result Data

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