Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

Key Features

  • High Performance Ion Source provides extended operation and lifetime of the dual filament which ensures improved performance and is protected by an electron lens.
  • The powerful tuning protocols in our MS software increases sensitivity, so it makes sure of achieving lower detection limits for trace-level compounds.
  • High Capacity Vacuum System provides a stable high vacuum zone and enables analysis for running large numbers of environmental samples. The standard vacuum system offers 240L/s and optionally 300L/s is also available.
  • A Powerful Tuning process enhances sensitivity, stability and reproducibility of MS results and a manual tune for customization supports to change setting values to achieve higher levels of sensitivity required by certain specific analysis.
  • An Optimized Full scanning and selected ion mode can support simultaneous sample injection.
  • Ultra fast Scanning Speed (20,000 amu/sec) which is supported by highest technology of firmware protocol ensures high performance of analysis with narrow-bore capillary columns for faster analysis.
  • A strong ion filtering removes effectively non target ions before quadrupole mass filter ensuring more stable and higher level of signals.
  • A deflecting electrode eliminates neutral particles reaching the detection system, so it allows you to improve the MSD sensitivity and enhance S/N ratio.
  • The widest mass range, from 1 to 1,200u enables performing most of the analysis in very wide mass range of compounds.
  • Easy column change is possible by using a special tool for measuring end of column length to the MS ion source chamber.
  • Chemical Ionization and Direct Sample probe (DIP) is available as an optional module for variable applications.
  • Innovative designed MS hardware and software provide easy operation and allow operator to spend less time from sample injection to get results.
  • YL-Clarity software offers easy control of the GC/MS and LC/MS and supports the NIST mass spectral library automatically identifying and naming compounds.