Autochro-3000 is the software that is 32 bit and fully compatible with fully compatible with MS Windows XP. It provides independent module to manage data (Analysis) and control instruments (System) for optimized analysis condition.

  • Easy view of statistics and overlay
  • Strengthened user authentication for data reliablity
  • Control of multi-system at the same time
  • Various analysis method application
  • No risks of data loss

Functions of Autochro-3000

  • Control of System
    • YL Acme 9000 Series HPLC Control
    • YL YL9100 Series HPLC control
    • YL YL6100 Series GC Control
  • Data Acquisition and Display
    • Real-time display of acquisition state up to 2 channel per each system
    • Display of baseline, retention time, peak start and end, axis label and peak name on a chromatogram.
    • X-Y axis value display on the point of a mouse
    • Multi chromatograms overlay view to compare
  • Data Process and Report
    • Post-process after data acquisition : Selection among integration, quantification and report
    • Easy turn-key integration for multi data and improved user integration interface
    • Setup of peak standard, range and peak selection by each compound.
    • Report for Analysis, Calibration , Statistics and Audit trail
    • Compatible with other programs through automatic conversion to Industrial standard ASCII CDF
  • Others
    • Various Audit Trail management
    • GLP Feature Support : Column Efficiency, Tailing Factor, Resolution