Automatic Blood Alcohol Concentration Analyzer

YL Blood Alcohol Concentration Analyzer

      The YL Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Analyzer can precisely analyze the amount of alcohol in the blood of a suspect related to drunk driving. It can also distinguish the drinking of inedible alcohol by analyzing Methyl alcohol or alcohol metabolites in blood.

Automatic Injection for your convenience

      Using a Headspace system with the Young Lin BAC Analyzer, you can analyze upto 40 samples at the same time. From sample preparation to the analysis process, anyone who has some knowledge of this analysis technique can achieve reliable results with the fully automated BAC Analyzer.

The Optimum Analysis Condition

      In YL BAC Analyzer, all the necessities for the analysis such as essential consumables and equipments for sample preparation are included. We provide the optimum analysis condition depending on your request for your easy and swift operation.

Key features of YL Automatic Blood Alcohol Concentration Analyzer

1) The system is fully controlled by YL Software (YL-Clarity/Autochro 3000) to provide automated operation from sample preparation to printing out the result reports.
2) Precise results with Advanced Pneumatic Control
3) Compact design to optimize your space.
4) Efficient analysis by providing the best analysis condition and sample preparation

Analysis Result